This Year’s Race is Complete

Ahhh, to have finished another Race for the Cure pleases me immensely. I added a minute to my time this year (approx 31 min 36 seconds), but, overall, I was pleased with the results, considering I began training for it 11 days ago (and actually ran on only six of those days). KV also participated and her time was pretty similar to last year’s (33 min 32 sec). We were happy we ran the entire distance–no walking for us–and we were even happier when it was over. We beat feet out of the chaos that was descending on downtown (chaos = bus loads and bus loads of people) to go throw back an order of French toast at a nearby diner.

It was over breakfast, when we were discussing the Confederate flag ad from the newspaper (see last blog post for details), and pondering the thought process behind why someone would choose to use it, that we both realized it was (probably) in response to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Instead of MLK, they are celebrating General Lee. I can’t believe it took me so long to connect the dots.


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