General Lee

So, I convinced my family to go with me to the local tavern that was celebrating General Lee’s birthday (see previous posts for details). We took the Confederate coupon I clipped from the newspaper to get 50% off baby back ribs (for my family’s benefit…I’m the only vegetarian). The atmosphere was friendly and the music was quite good; the Civil War historian/singer had a lovely voice, and it was entertaining to hear the audience sing along to Bonnie Blue Flag. The most interesting souvenirs of the evening took the form of fliers we picked up when entering and leaving the tavern. The handout we picked up on the way in was about Robert E. Lee, since it was his birthday, and in the center was the statement: “Black’s should honor General Robert E. Lee for a little known fact: Robert E. Lee opposed slavery.” (It continued with: “So, if he was against slavery, why did Lee fight?…answer: He opposed ‘Federal’ Dictatorship”). We ate our food, drank our beers/sodas, and left a little while later. Outside the tavern was an amiable woman selling Confederate t-shirts and hats. I saw she had literature available, so I took a flier; she quickly handed me other fliers, and gave some to my husband as well. She wished us a good evening and we wished her the same. In the car, we glanced at the fliers she gave us, and at the top of one was the statement, “Interracial marriage is against God’s law.” And on that note, we left.

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