um, excuse me?

Kathleen Parker writes two things in her column regarding Southern stereotype that made me give the stink eye.

1) In regards to the media looking for all the Southern clichés (racist, Confederate flag toting, truck driving, good ol’ boys) she writes: “If there were no race-baiters, would there still be racists?” (WTF? Is she serious?) She follows with, “South Carolina is not without racists, of course. Nor is any other state.” To which I say, No Shit. And doesn’t your follow up statement answer your asinine question?

2) After arguing that the locals in the area play up the cliché the media is looking for, by driving their trucks and flying their flags, she writes, “On any other given day, a South Carolinian would have to hire a detective to locate a Confederate flag–other than the one on the Statehouse grounds or flying over a Maurice’s Barbecue.” Oh yeah, other than the one flying on the Statehouse grounds. Outside of that one, you’d be hard pressed to find another. I find this idea patently absurd.


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