I collect blog pages and email addresses

Okay, my blog/email creating is getting a little out of control. I just created another blog to serve as a location to excerpt some of the essays I’m working on. I just created another email address to match the blog address. I created both of these because I wanted to have a matching website/email address for the business cards I just made. I made business cards because I spent the morning writing my name and phone number and email address on random pieces of paper to give to folks at the El Sol center (my thesis and biography projects are taking root there). Jotting my info on paper over and over seemed like a good indicator that I should make some business cards. So, after creating a new blog address and new email address for the business cards, I have a total of five email addresses and five blogs. From this collection, I use only two of the email addresses and three of the blogs. I think I need to start cutting back.


I just picked up the business cards. They aren’t bad, though I must have something against large print. My name could stand to be bigger, as could all the other type on the card (I chose the font size and wanted it to be small). My husband, who wears glasses, had to look very closely to make out my email and blog address. Oh well. I’ll keep that in mind for next time.


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