Another strike against the slaughterhouse industry

Animal cruelty at a slaughterhouse? How unexpected. You know, I am disgusted by slaughterhouses and factory farms. However, though I don’t eat meat, I do eat animal byproducts, so I’m still part of the problem, even as I try not to be. It’s easy not to think about where your hamburger meat came from when it’s nicely packaged and refrigerated in your local grocery store, but I don’t know how anyone can watch the video the Humane Society has of the slaughterhouse workers pushing their cows to slaughter, and not be sickened by the idea of supporting such an industry. And yet, even as I despise the industry, I know I’m implicated because I (conveniently) buy my eggs and cheese at the local publix. Our egg carton reads, “4 Grain Cage Free Eggs are produced by hens who perch, scratch, and nest in an all-natural environment and are fed only the purest all-natural grain feed.” It sounds like the best possible solution for my egg-frying needs, but who knows how much spin has created this blurb. And do I really need to eat eggs? I believe we’ve evolved to the point that we can feed ourselves without depending on the suffering and slaughter of other animals. This is my response to those who tell me “We’re at the top of the food chain, and that’s why we should eat meat.” Being at the top of the food chain, in my humble opinion, means we know what we need to keep our bodies functioning, and we have the intellect to take care of our needs without depending on the mass slaughter of other animals.
I think it’s time for me to start researching veganism more doggedly.


3 thoughts on “Another strike against the slaughterhouse industry

  1. While, as you know, I am not a vegetarian and will likely never be, I couldn’t handle those videos either. Can we at least be nice to them before we kill them (very fast, without them looking I might add)?

  2. I know. I’m not one to dictate to everyone that they need to stop eating meat; I’m a believer that the only effect on the world I can control is my own, so I do what I can, and leave the decision of what to eat to each individual. Were I to become leader of the free world, however, then there is a chance I could start inflicting my will on the eating habits of the people, but I don’t see this happening in the near future. 🙂

    Part of the issue for me, too, is just the idea that animals are grown for the purpose of slaughter, live in cruel conditions, are treated cruelly by those that work there (as if the animals are not sentient–regardless of whether one views them as “smart” or not)(this lack of empathy could be an outgrowth of working in such a cruel environment…I would imagine the job must be pretty soul sucking). I find the whole thing rather demented, especially when there are probably more humane ways to handle this process (tho more expensive too…which is what dictates all of this crap).

    While I’ve never been one to promote hunting, hearing stories like this makes me appreciate hunters I know, who enjoy the thrill of the hunt (usually deer), and also enjoy the fruits of their labor (tho some waste this meat too). There is a connectedness between the actions of the hunter and his consuming his catch that is missing from people’s day to day eating lives (and this probably goes for all food that we eat ). Factory farming eliminates the connectedness between the people and their sustenance (how’s that for hippy dippy talk?). It’s something we don’t have to think about because someone else is doing the dirty work, and we can reap the benefits. Until a video like this comes out, and people are up in arms…until they forget again.

  3. I was vegetarian for many years – just recently have been exposed to the cruelties of factory farming – the dairy and egg industry and have become vegan for the last 6 months. Have not felt this good for decades! I’ve gotten rid of stubborn baby fat & am full of energy. Plus my spirit is relieved of conflicts and concerns of the MEat industry and culture. For health & heart….. GO VEGAN!

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