Focus, dammit

man I’m tired I should really be working on my essay I wonder if the library has that book maybe I’ll read end game when I get home no I really need to read for class I still haven’t read Joyce’s selected letters I wonder if I can find an online copy of Carlyle’s selected essays I wonder if selected writings has the same selections as selected essays I wonder if that blog has been updated I should check my email what was the name of the writer I saw on tv the other day Susan Jacoby I wonder if the library has her book I really don’t have time to read books that aren’t for class I wonder if everyone has the same trouble I have with piling up more books than they can read I wonder why I’m so damn antisocial and moody I think it may be a mental disorder it seems if a western form of an eastern religion is touting how different it is from the religion’s eastern origins it may be time to rename the western form of the religion John Stewart was very good on Larry King last night maybe American Buddhism is the new name I should be tweaking my resume and writing cover letters I love John Stewart I need to pay better attention to my surroundings take a moment to look around and enjoy I hope I can find a job man I’m tired my eyes burn I guess I should assume the best I’m really not using my time well right now


Salon story on American Buddhism
Bill Moyers interviews Susan Jacoby
More Salon: A New Face for American Diplomacy


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