Street Painting Festival 2008

Edit: Cyd has posted a video/slideshow of our work at the festival. Check it out!

Cyd and I took to the streets of Lake Worth again this year, to participate in the annual Street Painting Festival. This is our third year of participation. The space we were given was smaller than spaces we’ve worked with in the past; we attribute this to how late we turned in our participation form (we sent it the day before deadline). You have to choose a 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice, and I’m thinking we got our third choice. But we made it work! We drew a scene from Finding Nemo. We were a total hit with the 12 and under crowd. There was a group of third graders a few squares away, working on their own drawing, that visited us every so often to see our progress. They were quite taken with the Nemo picture, and our working on Bruce’s teeth prompted a conversation between them concerning how many rows of teeth a shark actually has. Two young girls were in disagreement over the number of rows, and one, when conceding the argument (I think) said, Well, I don’t concern myself with sharks. I concern myself with lions. (or something along these lines) At another point, the students returned and said, You’re still working on the teeth? It turned out we’d been working on the teeth for two hours, and hadn’t even realized it.

Here are a few pics:









Notice the little guy on the left pointing at our art work.


3 thoughts on “Street Painting Festival 2008

  1. Yay! I love street painting! Although, I am still in pain! I think I strained some muscles. I meant to tell you, Shannon, I especially love the shot of the kid pointing.

  2. Thanks! It was a fluke that I got it. KV and I walked back to where our painting was located and there was a group of people commenting on it. I thought, I should get a picture! And just when I grabbed the camera, I heard the kid say Look, Nemo!” A split second earlier and his pointing finger would have been more pronounced, but I’m glad I got him gesturing at all (considering the camera delay).

    I’m sore too. Man O Man am I sore.

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