The hardest thing about traveling for spring break is deciding what books to carry along. I have my responsible side that says I should take a couple of books from my biography course, so I can keep up with the reading. I have my indulgent side that says, Hey, it’s spring break, and I’d really like to kick back and read some of the non-school related books that are collecting dust on my desk. I have the side focused on formulating my thesis, which thinks I should be practicing my Spanish lessons, and reading some of the essay collections my thesis chair let me borrow. Then there’s the essay I need to finish writing while I’m away because I’m presenting it during a conference the week I return to school.

Here is the travel plan so far: Strachey’s Eminent Victorians (responsible side), Michael North’s Camera Works (indulgent side), a pile of printed Spanish lessons to study (thesis side), and my laptop to finish my essay. Now, whether I’ll make any substantial progress on any of these items remains to be seen, but I’ll assume the best.


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