I applied for a job two weeks ago. I want this job quite desperately. My qualifications are perfect, and people that know me well know I do not make this claim very often. I spent an obscene amount of time on my cover letter in hopes of showing the hiring committee how everything I’ve done up to this point in my life fits their description of the position. The job is in a location my husband and I want to move to. The pay grade is pretty decent (higher than I anticipated). It’s at a university, and the perks of working there would be pretty phenomenal. However, when I found the listing, it had been posted for over six weeks! I sent my application/resume/cover letter the very same day because so much time had passed, and I was concerned they’d close the posting at any moment.

I received one email from them at the end of the first week explaining that the hiring committee was looking at the first round of applications, and if they wanted to see more, mine would be sent along. If this happened they would send an email to let me know. It’s nice to be kept in the loop, but it sucks that the application wasn’t in the first round. And since everything is handled electronically, I won’t have a chance to win them over with my exuberant personality (har har). I’m tempted to call, but don’t know if that’s the best thing to do at this point. When I checked the job listings yesterday, the job was still posted, so I take that as a sign that it hasn’t been filled yet.

However, I’m also trying to be realistic, so I’m going forward as if I’m not getting the job. This approach is rather depressing, and it makes me want to lie on the floor and kick and scream like a spoiled child, yet I need to think this way in order to keep my immediate circumstances in mind. And my immediate circumstances are these: I need a summer job & I need some cashola.

Temporary employment agencies, here I come.


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