In my humble opinion, which means little except in the small bubble that is my world, I believe the policy of destroying alligators because they are over five feet long is complete and utter bullshit. The argument is they are too big to “safely release.” I say, there must be some place in the glades where they can be relocated. Or a preserve. I can sort of understand the argument when there is evidence the alligator has been fed by people and associates people with food. I don’t know if there is evidence of that in this situation, yet the creature was hauled off to the processing plant because of his size. It irks me, but I’m a bleeding heart for wildlife trying to survive in the ever encroaching city.


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  1. absolutely. i believe in the “they were here first” mentality. south florida was never meant to be lived on, but we built it up from swamp to suburb and then destroy the alligators for entering. i can’t believe p.e.t.a isn’t involved.

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