I received this message today in my email:

To celebrate this week’s single release (we still have those in England) Radiohead have broken up the song ‘Nude’ into pieces for you to remix.

For those of you who enjoy this sort of thing, you can buy the separate components or ‘stems’ (bass, voice, guitar, strings/FX and drums) and remix your own version of the song. You can do this by adding your own beats and instrumentation or just remixing the original parts. More information here:

You can buy the stems here:

You can upload your finished mixes here and be judged and even voted on by ‘the public’.

Okay. How cool is this idea? First of all, Nude is easily one of my favorite songs on the new album, and I listen to it compulsively. What could be better than listening to variations of it created by different listeners? Well, I suppose listening to the original is better (in my opinion), but hearing the interpretations of it is thoroughly entertaining.

I highly recommend listening to some of them.


3 thoughts on “Nude

  1. I know! NIN may have done something similar…after somechick mentioned it, it did ring a bell that it’s been done before.

    I was going to try and remix it, but once I realized I had to “buy stems” (whatever that means), I quickly changed my mind.

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