Show someone you care: give the gift of recycled elephant shit

I had big plans to make a birthday gift for my good friend Cyd. I’m not going to say what I planned to make because I hope to still make it at some point. However, I didn’t get it made in time for her birthday. Instead, I gave her paper products made from elephant poop. That’s right, elephant poop. When I saw the notebook and heart shaped box of paper, I was struck by how pretty they were. I knew I wanted to get her something environmentally friendly or affiliated with fair trade, as well as something she could actually use. I read the information on the back of the notebook, and learned the paper was made from elephant poop. Wha…?

Sure enough, Mr. Ellie Pooh is a company that uses elephant dung in its paper products in hopes of fostering a better environment for the elephants and people in Sri Lanka. According to the website, elephants are killed in Sri Lanka because they interfere with agriculture. The company hopes that by using elephant dung to create products (as well as jobs), the farmers will recognize the economic value of the elephant, and show more tolerance toward it. To see some of the products, visit the website: Mr. Ellie Pooh. And don’t be surprised if the next gift you get from me is the gift of recycled elephant poop.


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