Crushed by a dwarf

I’ve spent much of the weekend fixing a problem that was created due to an issue with picture file sizes. I received the final product from someone at school (who was also surprised by the size of the prints), and when I showed them to my husband, I complained about how small they were. They were supposed to be big so they could be displayed on easels, but these were too small for easels. “If I just throw them on easels, they’ll look ridiculous,” I said as we sifted through the prints. He sat in his chair holding one of them in his hand and when I took it from him he said, “It’s like that scene in Spinal Tap with the miniature Stonehenge.” His response–and the memory of the scene–made me belly laugh, so I had to find the clip on YouTube.

(And we found a solution for the presentation of the prints)


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