Ends and Odds

David Gilmour has a guitar solo in Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts VI-IX) that curls my toes with its fabulousness. Listening to the cd on the way home from school had me pondering my love for the studio album (as opposed to the live album), and how I’d rather listen to that recorded piece of perfection over and over than listen to any live album variation of it. If you want to listen, the solo starts at approx. 2:30. The toe curling begins at around 3:58.


I’ll be in Texas and Mexico from June 7th to June 17th. Some of you may notice that this time frame encompasses the ever important Bloomsday. Last year I made some pie-in-the-sky plans to return to Dublin for Bloomsday (I’ll go back every year! I thought to myself—yeah, I wish). Those plans didn’t work out, and I should be thankful I was able to go last year. The revised, back-to-reality Bloomsday plan included attending celebrations with friends in the Miami area, but that won’t happen either since I’ll be out of town. I did a quick search for Bloomsday celebrations in Mexico. There aren’t any (that I could find). A friend suggested I wear a Bloomsday t-shirt and make my own little celebration in Mexico. Perhaps an impromptu reading from Ulysses on a street in Juarez.

And speaking of Juarez, the workers at the center have me thinking I must be pronouncing the name incorrectly. The guys from Mexico, when they learn my mother is Mexican, usually want to know which city she’s from. I say Juarez (war-ez? hor-ez? hwor-ez?) and they give me a blank look. I write the name on a piece of paper and they’re like “ohhh! Juarez!” Yes, that’s what I said. I feel like Inspector Clouseau:
Clouseau: Do you have a REUM?
Inn Keeper: I do not know what a REUM iz!
Clouseau: Zimma
Inn Keeper: Ahhh.. a Room!
Clouseau: That is what I have been saying you idiot! REUM!
(you can listen to the clip if you follow the link)


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