Science project

I go in for “genetic counseling” next week. Now, I don’t really think I need counseling, but because I’m thinking of being tested for inherited cancer genes, counseling must come first. I have nothing against counseling, but at this point in my life, I assume I carry the gene (there are various types…the one I’m referring to makes one more susceptible to breast and ovarian cancer). I mean, my maternal aunt tested positive for this gene (she’s in remission from breast cancer). My mother has not been tested, but she’s in remission from breast and ovarian cancer, so whether she has the gene or not makes little difference since she’s dealt with the disease. Counseling is meant to help people come to grips with the news if they test positive for the gene; however, this is the news I’m expecting, so I won’t be surprised if it’s confirmed. On the other hand, if I test negative for it (which is possible), I will be completely shocked and elated. And it’s this possibility that has inspired me to think about testing.

Edit: Okay. So after doing some research on the BRCA 1 and 2 genes–the genes the test will look for–I may need some counseling after all. That’s some scary shit in a very there’s-nothing-you-can-do-about-it kind of way. I had limited my thinking to specific types of cancer, but have now discovered that at least one of the genes can increase the odds of pancreatic cancer (not to rate the danger levels of cancers, but that one is pretty damn scary). So, if the test comes back positive, the plan is to remove all my internal organs and replace them with robot parts.


4 thoughts on “Science project

  1. Scary indeed. There is a history of breast cancer in my family. However, my aunt and I both have a weird skin problem in our ears (I know, very weird) that theoretically lowers our chance of having cancer. The body vs. disease is so strange.

    On a lighter note, as much as I have always wanted a cyborg friend, I think a better plan would be to wait to see if something happens and then just replace your organs on a need-to-do basis. Historically, cyborgs seem to have a rough time of it (see the Six Million Dollar Man, the Six Million Dollar Woman, and Jean Luc Picard (of course he also had to deal with that whole evil collective whispering in his head thing)).

  2. I don’t know JG…I was pretty set on making myself into an Austin Powers Fembot 🙂 (tho they’re androids as opposed to cyborgs…)

    And skin problems in the ear that lowers the risk of breast cancer? That is interesting.

  3. Wow. It would be awesome to have a friend that could shoot bullets out of her nipples. You’d be a big hit at parties.

    Interesting, I don’t know. Weird, yes. The skin thing doesn’t lower the risk so much as people who have it have a significantly lower incidence of cancer.

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