Almost to the finish line

I’m about finished with the biographical profile I’ve been working on this semester. It’s not due until Wednesday, but I’m turning it in tomorrow since I won’t have any more time to work on it after tomorrow morning. I’ve asked DS to read it once more, to look for mistakes or places that could use more elaboration. Once he’s read it, I’ll likely read it six more times before I print it out because I’m slightly obsessive/compulsive. I’ve been working to tweak the language of the piece; I find the language I default to in first drafts is rather cumbersome—using two words when one would be more effective, finding a lot of “thats” (lately I’ve found myself disliking the word “that” and what it does to my prose—it’s useful when it’s necessary, of course, but it’s not necessary as often as one would think).

Speaking of language, the first book on my To Read list–once this paper has been turned in–is Anthony Burgess’ book, A Mouthful of Air: Language, Languages…Especially English. It was a steal at a local used bookstore, and I’ve been waiting until I finished my school work to get started on it. It looks like the time is here!

And next Monday: Radiohead!


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