I’m in a state of painful bliss right now. Bliss because I’m still basking in the multicolor afterglow of Radiohead’s concert last night. Painful because of my dancing for two hours on concrete in shoes with no foot support. Yes, my ankles and back are not feeling so great and my throat is a little sore from screaming. Ahhh…but the bliss, the bliss. What a terrific experience. Thom Yorke’s spastic dance moves on the stage pleased me immensely. There were many songs I hoped they would play that they didn’t, but if they had played all the songs I hoped they would play, they would have been performing for five hours instead of two.

There was a t-shirt there that I wanted desperately. On it was written one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite songs: “You’ll go to hell for what your dirty mind is thinking.” Eeep! Look at that shirt, I said to Spence as we were leaving. That’s the line I love! The damn thing cost $40. I didn’t think twice about walking on by–there was no way I could afford such an expense. Had it been $30, I would have lingered a little longer, thinking about it (tho probably wouldn’t have bought it then either), but $40 was out of the question. However, seeing the t-shirt and what it looked like (the line from the song looked like it was stencilled on an old shirt) has inspired me to create my own Radiohead t-shirt, using the line from above and the stencils I have at the house. Yay for frugality and Radiohead.

Click here for a photo gallery of Radiohead pictures from the Palm Beach Post!

And the idea of getting a tattoo has crept back into my mind. The idea comes and goes. Sometimes it lingers longer than at other times. It’s typically inspired when I see a design I like a great deal…something that encompasses a personal belief in a very unique and graphic way. Of course, there is still the issue of finances, so the idea will stay just that until I find a job.


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