More good news. I was at the labor center yesterday, helping with a food drive. I walked over to the volunteer coordinator to tell her I have an interview this week with a nonprofit organization that works on behalf of immigrants. The attorney that works on behalf of the center was also there, and she leaned in to hear what I had to say. Both were very excited to learn of the interview, and the attorney said she worked with this particular nonprofit a great deal. She asked me who I was interviewing with and when I told her, she said she knew this person very well (when I told her the first name, she responded with the last name), and would send her an email on my behalf. Woot!

I heard this song on the radio the other day, and realized I hadn’t heard it in ages. I love Eric Burdon’s voice. He’s so young in this clip—it’s hard for me to believe the scratchy voice is coming out of his mouth. And he kind of looks like my dad (when my dad was that age), except my dad would have had a pipe poking from his mouth (or cupped in his hand).


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