4.7 + 4.7= 9.4

Yesterday, I hit the odometer in my car to measure the exact distance to work. It’s 4.7 miles away. As I passed the first major intersection, I noticed gas was $4.03, which made me grind my teeth in aggravation. The question is this: should I start biking to work?

The pros:

* I’ve scoped the path and there is a sidewalk the entire way.

* I’ll get more exercise (especially if I ride my bike to the gym after work. The cardio portion of the workout would be taken care of before I even get to the gym)

* More time to work on my tan

* More time to enjoy the outdoors before sitting in an office for several hours

* The wind acting as my personal air conditioner (something I don’t have in my car)

* No worries about gas

The cons:

* being a sweaty mess when I arrive at the office

* crossing two major intersections

* people in cars and SUVs and trucks

* inhaling exhaust

Today, I’m driving, and I need to be on my way. But it looks like the pros outweigh the cons. Maybe I’ll do a test run this weekend to see how long it takes.


2 thoughts on “4.7 + 4.7= 9.4

  1. maybe you can try the biking for a little bit, every once in a while, before it definitely gets to hot to do so?

  2. I am in the same boat–I am close enough to ride to my new school, but I am worried about showing up sweaty with my hair looking like I stuck my finger in an electric outlet. How did your test run go?

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