New month new new new

Today is the first day of June. It’s the start of the hurricane season. My friend from the labor center flew home to Nicaragua yesterday and I just learned that Nicaragua was hit by a the first tropical depression of the season on Friday (before the season, actually). I’ve been helping to organize a conference for the upcoming week and I’ve learned that I hate organizing conferences. I’m simply not organized enough, nor do I care to be that organized. I do not care to be in charge of a group of people either. I could never be a wedding planner. Part of this has to do with the fact that I tend to fret. Even though I’ve taken care of everything I was supposed to take care of, I fret over “what if’s”: What if the traveler arrives at the super shuttle desk and they don’t have his name? What if the bus driver can’t find the dorm? These are things I don’t really want to care about, but I do because I’m uber-responsible and they were my responsibilities to handle. And I did. I’ve done everything I was asked. But what if?

Today is the first day of June, which means my thesis writing procrastination is officially over. Starting today, I’ve got to work on it constantly. I have plenty of material; it’s just a matter of organizing and picking the right words to tell the stories I have so far. I leave Saturday for TX/MEX. I cannot wait. I still haven’t called Texas Border Patrol because I’ve been working overtime, and keep forgetting to call. I must do that Monday. I’m hoping to ride along with one of the agents, but I don’t know how likely it is that I’ll be permitted to do so. It doesn’t hurt to ask.


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