to the border

I’ve made it through security and am sitting in PBIA, waiting for my plane to Dallas, and then on to El Paso. Just being in an airport pleases me–the anticipation of travel! I love it. It’s been a hectic few weeks: we’ve received bad news, good news, no news…all that stuff that makes up life. Work has been bananas but will be much calmer when I return. I’ll be helping to write a research report on invasive species in South Florida, which should be interesting (at least judging from what I’ve read so far). The research report will make up the bulk of my work this summer.

Regarding the thesis: I’m meeting with Border Patrol agents next week for an informational briefing. They wouldn’t allow me to ride along with one of the officers because of violence along the border.
While speaking with one of the workers at the center yesterday, he told me he teaches a class for workers who can’t read or write in Spanish. I’m going to start attending his classes in hopes that it will help me with my conversational Spanish (I’m kind of comfortable with reading/writing, but not with speaking). I’m thinking his class may offer another essay for the thesis…the idea of being in an English speaking country, but struggling to overcome illiteracy in the native tongue (in addition to needing/wanting to learn English). Something along those lines…it’s still percolating.

I don’t know what my internet access will be like in El Paso. I’d think the city would provide wifi, but who knows. I’ll be missing Bloomsday celebrations this year, except for the one taking place in my head. It was this time last year I was making my way to Dublin. Ahh, the memories. In case I don’t have a moment to post for Bloomsday:


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