If you want to know what’s wrong with me, you need to know what’s happening to some of the people I care about most. To learn that, I direct you to my friend Cyd.

I saw the paperwork with my own eyeballs. I fluctuate wildly between knowing it will all work out and crying inconsolably. And not only because it affects this household so directly, but because it affects so many hard working people. Doesn’t it always, though? Hasn’t it been happening all over the country? Hasn’t it been happening for years? My father lost his job twice during his life. It’s a real bitch, but it will work out. It has to…there isn’t any other option.

It’s all about new adventure, new opportunity, right? Well, maybe tomorrow it’ll seem more adventurous. Today it’s soul crushing.

And just when I was settling into S. Florida, and enjoying my work with the immigrant community. I was always ready to leave the area, but now I’m dragging my feet.


3 thoughts on “Question

  1. Ugh. I’m very sorry to hear about all of this.

    I would say something pat like “It will all work out,” but I know that it never feels that way (most of my relatives have at some time or another lost jobs, so I hear you on that).

    I guess for now, enjoy the work in the immigrant community — and remember that you’re doing good.

    (Um … and keep working on that thesis. Yeah. Actually, I only say that because one of the things that has always helped me move away from my problems is to sit down and work on intellectual problems. That would be part of why I’m an academic. It actually calms me to do this.)

    We’re thinking about you guys …

  2. I’ve been bought out, laid off, and hang-glided (as opposed to parachuted), but never in a situation as predictable as the move from print to electronic media. When I’d heard the news (first, online and then, on tv – predictably), my heart sunk because in this world of ‘freelance’-the-new-artist-title, immediate syndication, and gotta-camcorder-i-reportage, I knew you all would be affected. Of course, then I wondered, “How many IT people are going?” I am still curious about that; if anyone knows, please drop me a line.

    20+ years ago, I worked at PBP (a temp-to-perm position offering $3.35/hour) as an ad artist. Of course, this was back in the day when cutting & pasting meant your hands got sticky and you were pretty damn adept with an Exacto knife; a mouse was something you trapped, the hottest computer program was LOTUS 1-2-3, and we had to actually drew stuff for Jordan Marsh, Anthony Groves, and Zayre’s ads (all companies now dead or barely breathing). I worked a mere 3 hours before walking out for lunch and never returning. In that 3 hours, I’d also decided that ‘commercial art’ was not for me, so PBP still holds a tiny placemarker at one milestone in my life.

    I think Emily’s right about intellectual pursuit being an excellent distraction, but it can also be a major catalyst and stepping stone toward a new move and milestone in your life. No matter what you do and where you go (or stay), know that peeps are pullin’ for your successes and that we believe in you guys and your talents.

  3. Thanks for the positive thoughts, Emily and Su. I feel better today than I did yesterday, but it’s quite an adjustment. One note of hope is that the web is a fundamentally visual medium, so there is still the need for photography. However, as you mention Su, freelance is the new artist title, and every person on the street has a camera and is willing to submit pictures for publication with no thought of asking for money.

    Anyhow, I’ll keep you posted as things progress. I definitely need to bust ass on the thesis now—not only as an enjoyable way to keep my mind off of other things, but also because I can’t leave the state without my diploma (should an out of state opportunity present itself). 🙂

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