I canvassed for Barack today! And I had fun! That could be because everyone we spoke with said they were voting for Barack too; it’s always easy to have fun when you’re talking to people who agree with you. I’m going again tomorrow. Perhaps it will be the day I get the door slammed in my face, but, hey, I used to be a professional photojournalist, so I’m used to dealing with people who aren’t interested in talking to me.


One thought on “Woot!

  1. I admire your dedication, and I’m grateful there are volunteers out there, calling from the campaign offices and canvassing door-to-door. I’ve given a donation and I have my Obama stuff on order, anxiously awaiting the yard signs so I can proclaim my choice, and counter the McCain signs I’ve started to see popping up in my neighborhood. But, despite a nagging desire, I’ve not commited to volunteering. There’s only so many directions I can be torn! It’s encouraging, there are also some Obama signs in the neighborhood, and I live in a virtually all-white middle to upper middle class neighborhood. I think intelligent, thinking people will vote for Obama. I hope there’s enough of us.

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