Before I moved to Florida, when I was in Ohio and nowhere near the Everglades, I had dreams of being attacked by alligators. I don’t believe I had ever seen one other than on television. I remember being chased at high speed by an alligator in one of my dreams. When I lived in Mansfield, Ohio, I would go jogging on a path near my apartment, and when the path entered an area that looked swampy, I would turn around and go back. Rationally, I knew there were no alligators there, yet I couldn’t make myself go through the swampy area…it made me uneasy. So, when I moved to Florida, I joked to mom that perhaps my dreams were foreshadowing run-ins with the alligator population in the sunshine state. Fortunately for me, I’ve had no such run-ins. They still make me nervous when I’m canoeing in their waters, but they’ve left me alone and I’ve left them alone. My husband and I visited the Loxahatchee Preserve yesterday, to say goodbye to the northern most reaches of the Everglades. This was one of the first places I visited when I moved to the area eight years ago. While there, we saw the biggest alligator I’ve seen since living here. He didn’t chase me.

While DS and I sit around, waiting to move (we’re hitting the road next weekend!), I decided to take up some sort of creative hobby outside of writing and photography. My mom always used to knit, embroider, cross-stitch, and I had her in mind when I drove to Michaels to see if I could find some sort of project to work on. I went with a counted-cross stitch project designed for children (they didn’t have projects for beginners…it went from childrens projects to more complicated projects). I finished it yesterday!


It was a lot of fun. I’ve already bought my next cross-stitch project: the Chinese character for Good Fortune. If I finish it in time, I hope to give it to a friend before I leave. I’ve found a couple of other projects I’m eager to start, but the designs are rather complex, so I’m trying to work my way up to them. One cross-stitch project I’d like to start on is of Buddha sitting next to a Bonsai tree. It’s really lovely, but looks difficult. I thought I’d save it for when I’m more confident in my ability.

So, these days I alternate between writing my thesis, reading, and cross-stitching. I hope to add a job to the mix once I move to Springfield.

Salon has an interesting article on the dumbing down of the GOP. This statement sums it up for me:

As Biden showed quite convincingly when he spoke about his modest background and his continuing connection with Main Street, perceptive, intelligent discourse is in no way identical with elitism. Palin’s phony populism is as insulting to working- and middle-class Americans as it is to American women. Why are basic diction and intellectual coherence presumed to be out of reach for “real people”?



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