•Yesterday, I drove to the local branch of the state university to introduce myself to one of the professors there. She’s a friend of a friend, and my mate thought it a good idea to present myself in the flesh. I’m hoping to squeeze myself into a position at this branch; I’ve already applied for a civil service position in the library, and I’ve made it through most of the qualifying rounds (they actually sent me a letter saying I’m qualified!). Now it’s a matter of whether I’ll get an interview. I hope to hear some time soon. The professor was very gracious and gave me names of other people to get in touch with, which I’ve done. In the meantime, I’ve applied for seasonal work at Michael’s, an arts and crafts chain.

•I went to my first Zen meditation on Saturday.

•We found a place nearby called “The Apple Barn” where they sell fresh squeezed, non-pasteurized apple cider!

•I received my official invitation to Obama’s election party rally in Chicago, thanks to being a supporter living in Illinois. I. Can. Not. Wait.

•My lower back is absolutely killing me. I think my scoliosis is acting up. Yes, I have scoliosis. I learned this about a month ago when I started seeing a chiropractor. I laughed out loud when he told me because it seemed so…absurd. I mean, I thought scoliosis was dealt with in childhood, but I guess I was wrong (though it probably should have been dealt with in childhood). It turns out my left leg is a tad shorter than my right, and as a result my spine has curved (over the years). Asymmetry defines my physical existence.

•I never knew how important people were to my writing process until I took a job where I didn’t interact with many people, and until I had nothing but time to write, but found I couldn’t focus on writing–I wanted to be out and about. I like interacting with people. I always thought I could isolate myself with my books and pens and paper and be perfectly happy and productive. Perhaps I could be happy in that situation, but I don’t know how productive I would be. An integral part of my writing process includes having a full, interactive life outside of sitting at my desk.


2 thoughts on “Random

  1. Good luck on the library job. I have scoliosis, too. I was diagnosed when I was twenty, and my left leg is a half inch shorter than my right. I’d write more, but I’ve been sick. I’m just online a few minutes.

  2. Thanks Annie! I just received my “exam” score from the university. I passed, so now I’m on the list of qualified applicants…it’s just a matter where I’m located on their call list. They rank the applicants based on their scores.

    Feel better!

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