I’ve created a sparrow-peck-sparrow eating frenzy outside my office window, as evidenced by this picture:


This picture does not do justice to the number of sparrows flocking around the feeder. They make a beautiful swoosh when they leave en masse.

I’m registered for Dinty Moore’s week-long workshop next semester at FAU. I really enjoy Moore’s work, and I read Brevity whenever I need a bit of inspiration. I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say. My hope is to schedule my thesis defense for that same week.

Yesterday I went to the local branch of the University of Illinois to spend an evening with Ray Bradbury. He was interviewed via satellite from his home in California. It was delightful. He has such spirit, and is very funny. Some of his advise/suggestions: Do what you love, love what you do. Remove from your life anyone with negative energy, or anyone who doesn’t support your dreams. Libraries should be the center of everything in this country. There should be only two channels on television: Turner Classic Movies, and a channel dedicated to libraries and the books in libraries. We need to get rid of the automobile and build light rails throughout the country. If you can’t afford to go to college, do what he did: spend your time in the library, where knowledge of the world can be found.

I must say it’s nice to live so close to a university. Someone from this branch even keeps a blog to let the public know about upcoming events. At work the other day, I was reading Hitchens’ “Why Orwell Matters.” One of my colleagues asked me what I was reading, and when I told her, she asked, “Who’s Orwell?” This threw me for a loop–I thought Orwell’s name was as recognizable as Shakespeare’s, even if one hasn’t read him. So, it’s nice to have a place to go to where people know who Orwell is (and Joyce, and Pound, and Williams, etc. etc.).

Thanks to Su and Annie for their comments regarding my future employment. I received a letter from the University of Illinois telling me the library specialist position I applied for has been frozen, so they aren’t filling it at this time. I thought it was nice they told me. I would have gone forward assuming they hired someone else.

Back to thesis writing.


One thought on “Misc.

  1. I love birds!

    The fact the library position is frozen is to your advantage. By the time they unfreeze it, if they keep the same list, there’s a chance they’ll get to your name.

    I enjoyed your synopsis of Ray Bradbury’s talk. I’m always learning new things at the library, through self-study, and the questions people ask me at the reference desk.

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