I dreamt that I was in my childhood home with friends from my current life, and a maniacal, black bear came walking out of the woods (on two legs), and was obviously desperate for food. I told the people with me to shut the doors; I think they thought we could observe him from our back porch without fear, but I knew he meant business. We went to the top floor of my childhood home (there wasn’t a top floor in real life), where there were only windows, and we could watch as the beast careened from spot to spot, looking for something it could take down. I realized it was going to take down one of the animals, and I was struck with grief and helplessness. It decided to go after a cow tied to a tree–easy target–and I turned away to avoid seeing any crimson or pain.


4 thoughts on “dreams

  1. I’ve heard that when you dream about houses you are dreaming about yourself. I always have dreams about houses with secret rooms or hidden spaces and rooms filled with unusual things. Once I had a dream that I was moving out of an apartment and as I was packing and cleaning I found a door that I’d never noticed before—it was a room full of pipe organs and harpsichords.

    I just read a Pat Conroy memoire and realized that your sentences remind me of his. Long sentences full of commas. I keep forgetting to call you before it is too late at night.

  2. I remember a discussion about my sentences coming up in a nonfiction workshop. One writer thought my sentences were too long. Another said she didn’t mind the sentences because they were punctuated, and easy to follow. I must have a thing for long sentences.

    I’m still making plans to visit you as soon as you’re ready.

  3. I enjoyed your vivid description of the dream. I didn’t notice the length of your sentences until I read JG’s comment. I generally prefer long, complex sentences.
    Whenever I’ve dreamed of being in a house, that I knew in the dream was mine, though it was unlike any house I’ve ever lived in, I could tie it a bit to places I have been, like my grandmother’s house in Michigan, and a 1920s era stucco house with wood floors and an upstairs apartment my husband and I lived in for seven years. I love dreams where everything is familiar, yet, you know, as you’re dreaming, it doesn’t match the reality you remember.

    The familiar, but not familiar, houses I’ve dreamed about have also had secret passages and unusual things. (There was a passage over the stairwell in my grandmother’s house that linked the closets in the two upstairs bedrooms, so you could pass from one bedroom into the other through the closet. Coming from Florida, that was quite amazing to me as a child, a house with an upstairs, a basement, wood floors, a flower garden, and a secret passage. I used to dream about my childhood home and taking a secret passage through the closets, which, of course, didn’t exist.) I like the idea that dreaming of houses, can be related to dreaming about yourself.

    It sounds like your dream was horrifying, though, with the bear.

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