We aren’t big on holiday gift giving around here. Considering I self-identify as a Buddhist, I celebrate Christmas more out of appreciation for my childhood tradition. I like this season because of the emphasis on family, friends, and peace. I enjoy our tree, and the colorful outdoor lights, but I feel utterly uncompelled to go on a buying binge in the name of the holiday season. Fortunately my husband and parents feel the same. For my parents, I made donations in their names to organizations that support causes they support (an animal organization for mom and a veterans of war organization for my step-dad). My husband directs the majority of his gift giving towards his daughter, and I’ll send her something as well. DS and I will exchange one gift. We are direct in our gift requests, so there’s no guessing (another thing I try to avoid: buying someone a gift for the sake of buying him something. Direct gift requests eliminate this problem). My husband’s request this year: A subscription to the Sunday New York Times. I love that this is what he wants for Christmas. He should receive the first installment of his gift in a few hours.


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