Do Not Disturb

I’m in serious thesis writing mode. I’m nearly done with one of my longer essays, and I have a few more short or super short essays to write, and then I should be able to send it off as my rough draft. It’s going to be pretty rough, but I plan to keep working on it until I get some suggestions from my thesis chair. Next weekend should be my delivery weekend. I’m off for three days in a row, and plan to write the entire time. I hope to send it off by Sunday night.

We’ve switched to ten-hour days at work, so now I have three days off at a time. When we have down time at the vet’s office, which is often, I pull out my notebook and pen and write some of my essays by hand. I don’t think the boss would approve of me pulling out my laptop, but 10 hours is too long to go without working on my thesis.


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