I’ve not been much of a blogger lately. I finished a rough, rough draft of my thesis and sent it to some of my committee members, so I’m waiting for some feedback. It still needs a certain amount of work, and I have another essay I’d like to write for the final draft, but at least I’m closing in on the project.

I’ve been working ten hours a day at the vet’s office, but now we get 3 days off a week. So, on the days I’m at work, I’m there from 6:45a.m.-6:00p.m., and then I walk to the gym. I usually get home around 7:15p.m., and don’t feel like being on the computer.

I’m back to cross-stitching a project I started in Florida. Once I’m finished, I’ll post a picture. I have a ways to go, though. Still drawing, writing, taking pictures. I travel in small circles, walking back and forth to work, and I haven’t been on any unusual adventures recently, hence the infrequent blog posts. I do hope to go to AWP in Chicago next month. And I feel like a huge weight is gone now that Obama is in office; a weight I wasn’t totally conscious of until inauguration day. If the only thing Obama does is make government more transparent, I’ll be happy. (Though, I hope he’ll take steps to making healthcare more accessible and affordable in this country.)


One thought on “update

  1. I enjoyed reading your update. I know what you mean about Obama. I didn’t know how I could live in my own country, if he hadn’t won. I couldn’t conceive of a United States run by a McCain and a Sarah Palin. So, it was a huge weight lifted, and the inauguration sealed the relief. (Though our job circumstance makes both my husband and me uneasy. We both work for government agencies; jobs that in the past were considered secure- not anymore.)

    Good luck with the thesis, and those long ten hour days!

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