On Sharing

I posted one of my thesis essays on my website: Ink and Light. It’s located under the “Writing” tab. It was tricky picking one to post because the project tries to entwine the essays together, and some aren’t really essays that work on their own. I hope this one does. Since you haven’t read the other essays, you won’t know Isadoro’s history when you read about him, but I don’t think that it matters in this particular piece.


2 thoughts on “On Sharing

  1. Thank you for sharing this essay. It reminded me of when I was in grade school, and the teacher asked a boy named John to help me practice the difference between the letter blends, “ch” and “sh.” You capture Isadora’s personality, and his endearing compulsion for perfection, frustrating for the teacher as well as the student.

    I hope you don’t mind, I’ve invited you to participate in a “Meme.” Check out my blog for details, and don’t feel obligated if you don’t have the time. Many of the questions are interesting. I don’t know how it began, probably in New Zealand, and it’s going from writer to writer.

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