random record skips

Yesterday, I thought about the times I visited KMart with my mother when I was a kid. We’d eat together in the cafeteria; I’d gobble down a hot dog and chocolate pudding with whipped cream.  I loved going there. They had layaway (I think they still do). My parents purchased a lot of stuff that way. I think stores should bring layaway back; I’d much rather do that these days than put purchases on a credit card.

Today, I thought about the television show V. I wonder if anyone remembers it? The people in the show looked normal, but when the normal skin was peeled away, a green, lizard skin was revealed. I remember one of the aliens had a child with a human. It was a scary lizard baby. I think this show really freaked me out when I was a kid.

This evening I ate far too much sugar cookie dough. And when I say far too much, I’m not meaning a wimpy, one or two dollops of dough. I’m talking enough cookie dough (and pizza and a drop of beer) to make me say I may never eat cookie dough ever ever ever ever again. And I fuckin’ love cookie dough. But not right now. Right now I want wrap my arms around and rest my head against the cold toilet bowl. But I won’t because I’m really quite a germ freak.


One thought on “random record skips

  1. My mom and I always went to the local Woolworths, when they still had a lunch counter (when there was still a Woolworths!). I have fond memories of chocolate milkshakes and grilled cheese sandwiches. There was a Lerner’s in the shopping center,with Layaway. I remember when a lot of stores had layaway.

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