“Fractious” is a well-worn adjective around the clinic, especially when referring to cats. Most cats come in calm, cool, collected, but become fractious as they get poked, prodded, and inspected. To be expected, I suppose. I wouldn’t like it either, especially if I didn’t understand the purpose of it all. I was asked to get Tommy out of the kennel; we were going to clean his teeth. Tommy showed them to me as I opened the kennel door; his fangs stopped me in my tracks. When I reached in again, he hissed, spat at me. Spat, as if he could obliterate my presence with his saliva. He had been tolerant that morning, but his patience had worn thin. Now, he’d just as soon sink his claws into me as to look at me. And he tried sinking his claws, but into other people. The specialists trained to handle such fractiousness.


3 thoughts on “Fractious

  1. JG,
    I thought of you as I was perusing the various designs, primarily because of the white on black comment you mentioned way back when.

    And yet, this was the layout I loved the most during the time I looked for something new (granted, my love for it could change the next time I log in). However, I dislike the orange links. I think there is some sort of plot by wordpress to provide all of these templates which are almost good enough, but that always have one or two irritating elements, such as gross font color or a header that’s too small to use well, so that one is compelled to pay membership fees to get complete control over the layout. I almost splurged on the membership this morning, but gained control over my senses before I opened my wallet. It’s only a blog, after all, and my readership is tiny and bi-foculed as necessary.

    Actually, I may just start keeping my blog on my website. I’ve started playing around with it, but haven’t figured out if I can list all the other links I keep on this page. I may work on that today and tomorrow.

  2. Yeah, the orange is very orange. I think you should change your logo to a big grinning pumpkin with fluttering bats in the corners.

    Regardless of bifocals, I think I just need new glasses. I just noticed that the white on black is easier to read when I squint.

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