New again

Forgive my obsessive template changing. Once I’m in the mood to change, I keep changing and changing and changing. Anyhow, I think I’ll pause on this template for a while. It pleases me. Just so you know, I attached a blog to my

4 thoughts on “New again

  1. Hey! This one is easy on my eyes! I don’t even have to squint!

    Off topic, I love the water/mist/fishermen/dock/duck photo. (I don’t remember seeing it before—is it new? Am I crazy?) So much I want to buy one. When you call me to chat, we can talk print size and $?

  2. One more example of how the templates are almost good enough, but there’s always some detail to botch up the works. I don’t know why I can’t add a widget with my links. I guess links are not part of this template’s appearance (but if I buy access, I could tweak it!).

  3. I second JG on the new photo. It’s stunning in its beauty. I also followed that link to your web page, and was quite impressed to see all you’ve been up to. I knew you were good with a camera, but I didn’t know you were like, Time-Life good.

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