From The to A

Here’s a piece I wrote that was published in Springfield’s Own magazine on Friday. The magazine is a publication of the newspaper where my work is sometimes published. I see that the published version presents an interesting exercise in the significance of articles: Judging from the comparison between my rough draft and the printed version, it looks like “the hammock” in the second paragraph was changed to “a hammock,” and I’m not so sure about the result. The hammock I describe in the first paragraph is the same one that “Tara” is sitting in in the second paragraph, so, in my original version I wrote “A picture shows Tara stretched out in the hammock” (meaning the hammock from the 1st para), but it was changed to “A picture shows Tara stretched out in a hammock,” which, obviously, could mean any hammock on the property, and this change keeps the two paragraphs from working together the way I wanted them to (and makes it read as if there are two different starting paragraphs…almost as if I was supposed to delete one for the other, but accidentally left them both in). All because the articles were switched. Well, what can you do? I’m just happy happy happy to have the story published.


One thought on “From The to A

  1. It’s a great story. It seems, if they were going to change the articles, they should have switched the first and second sentences, or, left it alone. It is amazing the difference an article can make. Still, if you hadn’t said anything, I probably wouldn’t have noticed, except to think, where’s the picture of Tara?

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