This day

My black cat, the one who ignores us 98% of the day, always picks the most inopportune time to get some kitty loving. Always when my hands are dealing with other things, and when my patience is short and quickly made shorter with her incessant meowing. And then, when I drop my hand to pet her, she bobs and weaves around my fingers, sniffing the tips and choosing which part of her body she’ll rub against them. I’ll allow you to pet the right side of my face, she seems to say, and as soon as I cross into unapproved territory, she quickly pulls her head out of my reach. It’s a little annoying. But then I feel guilty because the other animals get smothered in love and embraces.

We’ve had our first random sparrow death of the winter. This happened a few times last year; I would find dead or ailing birds outside of my house. There didn’t appear to be anything wrong with them, except they were dead. Some found their way into our garage and died in there too. It was distressing. We’ve blocked all access to the garage (they were crawling in through an opening left between the garage door and the cement floor), so we haven’t had to deal with birds in the garage. Whenever Sgt. Pepper and I go out the front door for our walk, she always runs to particular section of the house and sniffs around. I noticed there was an opening of sorts in that vicinity, so I wonder if there are rodents (or birds?) living there. Just now, about 15 minutes ago, I heard some scraping and scratching going on somewhere that was not quite inside, but not quite outside either. Maybe underneath? Maybe something crawling and living in the in-between area of our house’s insides and outsides? I think I heard it again.


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