I should still be writing the sports feature I’m working on, but I feel like I’ve used the best material I have, so, until I speak with the coach again (today or tomorrow, I hope), I’m going to set it aside. I have another feature to write over the weekend, and I’m a bit daunted by the amount of material I have, and the amount of material I’ll be collecting from my last source on Friday, and where to start with it all. That’s what takes me the longest…deciding how to begin. If I can come up with a snazzy way to kick off the piece, it makes the rest of the process smoother. I’m also trying to visualize an illustration for the story, and I think I’ve succeeded. (I say “think” because I’ve yet to create the illustration, and until I do, I don’t know if it will be successful. But in my mind’s eye, it’s fantastic

It’s all fun though. Everything about the process is fun. I thoroughly enjoy sitting at my desk, looking out the window, turning over the structural/verbal/illustrative possibilities in my head. It’s a great way to spend the day.

I just returned from a road trip to Denver, where me and my pal JG spent the week attending AWP. Actually, we spent 3 days at the conference and the rest of the time traveling. I have to say it was a great time. JG and I travel well together (which we didn’t know before setting out on this adventure), we made decent time, we had a fantastic hotel with a great location to the conference and to Starbucks, I went to some great panels (one on narrative nonfiction was particularly worthwhile, and possibly worth the entire trip), bought a load of books, ate at several great restaurants, found an outstanding jewelry store where I bought a beautiful pendant, had plenty of opportunity for people watching (one of my favorite activities), heard JG and VA read their poetry at a wine and coffee bar, was invited to hang out with a participant from the narrative nonfiction panel, had a nightmare about a drunk, boisterous poet, met one of the nicest poets (people) around, and was generally inspired to try some new ideas with my writing/photography/visual poetry. I’m actually motivated to try and get some work published in journals. I’ve got to make the motivation/inspiration last.

So much fun. Everything.


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