Ignoring the poop

How irritated would you be if your neighbor allowed his dog to poop in your yard, and he made no efforts to clean it up? I waiver between being extremely irked and not bothered at all. I’m not a big fan of this neighbor as it is; I pick up on some weird vibe from him. However, one good thing about him is he has a beautiful Golden Retriever that seems fun and young and playful. I don’t see the two of them out very often; he’s got a big, fenced backyard where the dog spends most of his time, so it’s not like every spare moment the dog is pooping in our yard. In fact, I’ve only seen him do it twice, and I’ve found remnants of his visits only a few more times than that. I think it happens most often when the two have gone on a walk, and when they get closer to home, he allows the dog to run loose in the cul de sac. My office sits facing the cul de sac, so I see all the comings and goings of my neighbors when I have my blinds open. I was looking out my window today when I saw the dog skip into my and my neighbor’s yard, sniff around and then take a dump. And the owner made no attempt to pick it up–didn’t even appear to have poop bags on him. The dog then went running to the backyard, and the guy was standing in my neighbor’s driveway calling for the dog, just as the neighbor pulled in to the driveway, so I’m hoping that may have made him feel a little awkward, what with his dog running roughshod throughout our yards and him standing on our property, watching him. He waved at the neighbor and the neighbor waved back, and the guy took the dog’s leash and walked back to his house. (Speaking of property: I think that’s one reason why the guy rubs me the wrong way. I was in my backyard, sunbathing and reading last summer, when here comes yahoo, walking through my backyard like it’s his. He was talking to my neighbor’s dogs, who are penned into the backyard, and somehow I made a noise to indicate my presence, and when he saw me, he kept on moving, walking the property line between my house and my neighbor’s, and then cutting over more into my neighbor’s property, following along the fenced backyard. I don’t know where he was going, but he obviously didn’t think twice about cutting right through our yards.)

I think the reason the whole pooping thing irks me is because I don’t particularly like the guy a great deal, for as little as I know him, and it strikes me as lazy and inconsiderate that he wouldn’t make any effort to clean up a mess his dog left in someone else’s yard. If I enjoyed conflict more, I would have opened my front door (because I’m sure he thinks no one is home) and asked him if he needed a doggy bag with which to pick up his dog’s mess. On the other hand, I know that doggy doo is more biodegradable than the plastic bags I put it in when I walk my dog, I know it works well as fertilizer, I know there isn’t an awful lot of it in our yard–it’s not like his dog is turning our yard into a minefield of poop–I know we don’t go running through the yard in our bare feet a great deal, I know my dog doesn’t spend time roaming the yard, so she more than likely won’t come into contact with it, and I know it will be easily broken away in the rain and when I mow the lawn. So, I guess it comes down to the fact that the guy irks me more than the poop in the yard.

(I guess I need to work more on my compassion. Ohmmmmm…)


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