I’m visiting my mom and stepdad for a couple of days which means this:

I have access to cable television.

I have access to an obscene amount of hershey kisses.

I have access to an endless supply of potato chips and sour cream.

I’m amazed how quickly I shake off my self-control once I enter my mom’s house. It’s like it slides out of my system when I slip off my sandals. I was in the house for 10 seconds before I walked over to the candy dish and started plowing through the hershey kisses like a pig sucking down slop. I mean one after another after another after another after another after another. Fortunately, mom doesn’t say anything about me inhaling all the chocolate in the candy dish. She knows I’m always trying to keep an eye on my weight, that I  go to the gym five days a week, that I count my calories using an app on my ipod, that I don’t buy chocolate for my home, and that I’m likely to react like this if she tries to interfere.

This afternoon we made delicious veggie burger pitas for late lunch/early dinner and they were great. I also brought with me some of my homemade morning glory muffins, which are fabulous and quite healthy. But, even with all this yummy, healthy, vegetarian food, we (mom and I) still sat together on the couch tonight and binged on potato chips and sour cream. Something I do only when I’m here. (Sour cream is another item I don’t buy for my house because of my tendency to inhale it.)

Also, I have the television on all the time when I’m upstairs in my room (at mom’s house). I’m listening to T.V. Land right now (I love my old sitcoms). At my home, it’s as quiet as a library–no t.v., no radio, nothing but web browsing, reading and conversation between me and Spence. We have shows we watch on Hulu, but once the show is over, the house goes back to silent (aside from our talking). It’s quite nice! However, when cable television is presented, I can’t help but soak it all in. I even put the sleep timer on so that I can listen to the show as I’m drifting off to sleep. Something I wouldn’t even consider doing at my house (if I had television).

Trips to visit mom have become opportunities to indulge myself in ways I don’t allow myself at home…indulgences that I don’t even miss at home (that I won’t miss once I’ve left mom’s). Yet, while I’m here, it’s all I can do to keep from shoveling chocolate and chips into my mouth, while using my toes to control the remote.


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