Italy Trip, June 14

(On plane)

Okay, I was quite excited–unnecessarily so–when the airline attendants announced that they would be serving beer and wine for free to all passengers over the age of 21! I don’t think I’ve ever been on a flight where that was announced. I planned to booze it up during dinner, but ended up having only a glass of Chardonnay with my pasta. I was disappointed that the attendants didn’t have my dairy-free vegetarian meal. She said they didn’t receive the my order, even though I placed it over a month ago. Even though I called Delta airlines from the airport a few hours before leaving to make sure they had me marked down to receive a dairy-free vegetarian meal (they did). Still, no non-dairy vegetarian meal for me. The good news was that one of the dinners they were offering was a pasta dinner. With marinara sauce! How unbelievable, the fact that an airline would offer a meat dish AND a veggie dish! I was pretty happy. On the Dublin trip it was meat or nothing, which is why I was adamant about being marked down for a veggie meal. Even this morning, the egg sandwich I was given was egg only! No bacon, ham, or sausage! Hooray for small victories! But last night, the wine came back to haunt me in the form of my eyelids staying open regardless of how tired my eyes felt. I mean, I thought my eyes were going to drop right out of my noggin. I could not fall asleep. I played scrabble and word jong, and couldn’t feel more tired, but sleep eluded me. Until it didn’t. Listening to Ali Ekber Cicek, I finally drifted off to a reasonable sleep, even if I was awoken every so often by this or that.


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