Italy, June 15

So, slept until 11:00 a.m.! When I finally woke up for good I thought, “well, it doesn’t feel that late.” I had woken earlier and didn’t hear any voices, so I assumed everyone was sleeping. Gary was awake and had been since 7a.m.! Mom woke 1/2 an hour before me, so we got a late start, but our plans were to stick around town anyway. We went to the commissary again and got some more food. We got close to the Alps; we drove up mountain road, but it was raining so we didn’t get out to walk around. It rained for most o the day. We went to the mall where mom and Gary ate some Chinese food and we had an unsuccessful search for postcards. “Do you want to get some gelato?” Gary asked when we got back to the car. We answered in the affirmative and went to this small store in, what appeared to be, the town square. I got a fruity gelato, all types of fruit mixed in. Delicious. We stopped outside to eat it. We stood under the awning in front of the store and I scooted down the sidewalk, away from the store door, so as not to block it. I was standing in front of some windows that I thought belonged to another business. A few minutes later this little, old woman came out and was hollering at us (me!) in Italian. She went on and on and was motioning for us to move back down the sidewalk. She indicated a white line near the door of the gelato store and pointed as if to indicate we couldn’t go beyond that line. “Grazie,” she said and she turned around and went back in the building next door. I asked mom if she could understand what the woman was saying. “Yes, she said she lives in that building and didn’t want us standing there because she was watching t.v. and we were blocking it, or interfering in some way…I’m not sure,” mom said. Then the gelato store owner stepped outside and asked us something. I thought he was asking who was yelling and I motioned toward the windows next to his store. He walked over and started hollering something into the window. Mom looked at me and said, “he told the lady he was going to call the police if she bothered his customers. They continued arguing back and forth a little. I asked mom what the guy had said when he first came out of his store. She said he asked if someone was was bothering us. Judging from their conversation, I think the two have spoken before. And mom doesn’t know Italian, but she knows Spanish, so she can get the gist of a conversation pretty quickly.

Off to dinner soon with Gary’s best friend Hutch and to Trieste tomorrow for Bloomsday!

Update: We had dinner at the Mediterraneo, which is a short walk from Gary’s apartment. I had the margherita pizza with olives and capers. The waiter initially struck me as rude, but then I realized I was just being self-conscious and he was just being himself. And he was funny (in his own way). And we had the most delicious wine ever! Moscato Di Asanti. Amazing and sweet. The guys told us that the Italians drink it during Christmas, but this restaurant offers it all the time. We had a bottle. I want to get some more before I go.


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