Always dropping the ball

So, as you can see from the previous post, I left off at June 15th from my Italy trip and haven’t blogged about it since. I am such a deadline fanatic in my professional life, but in my personal life, I start on an idea and then drop it to start on some other idea. I don’t think this is the most productive way to approach life, but at least I can make my professional deadlines. For example, I just emailed my editor a travel story I wrote about the Italy trip. And I really haven’t been in the mood to write lately, but I did it, and was reasonably happy with the finished product (it was not an easy piece to write because I had limited space and a lot of information). I focused on Venice, Rome and Vatican City. And I used a beautiful quote from John Ruskin when describing St. Mark’s Basilica. Using that quote in the essay just highlighed how pedestrian my own word choices are, but whatever. I had to use it because it’s fantastic.


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