Still truckin’

Wow, I haven’t posted for some time. Time is flying these days. I’m writing, photographing, teaching, tutoring, and, of course, always looking for that much desired full time position. I’ve got leads here and there but still working on securing one of them. The good thing is that I’m enjoying life in the meantime. I have a great schedule and time to do my thing (whatever that may be from day to day), which is nice. But if a full time gig comes around, well, that would be nice, too. A picture from the campus where I work:

Oh, yeah! Yesterday was Halloween! I went to a Halloween party on Saturday and dressed as the Mad Hatter. I’ve got the greatest hat ever now, thanks to that costume. The rest of my costume was made from stuff I had in my closet. Then yesterday, while we were eating dinner, the doorbell rang. We don’t get many kids for Trick or Treating (I’m not sure why because we live in the suburbs with sidewalks…I don’t know where the kids go), but we got more on Sunday than we ever have. So, the doorbell rings and it’s my turn to answer it, so I pick up the bowl of candy and open the door, and there stands little Penny the Dachshund, dressed like a turtle. Our neighbor across the street decided to bring her over to show off her costume. It was quite cute! Sgt. Pepper was not impressed though.


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