holiday food/holiday weight

Let it be known that for the past week I’ve lived with a couple of wonderful people who are bent on eating at every possible opportunity (cookies, cake, pizza, fudge, restaurants, etc., etc.,), and I seem to be the only one gaining any weight (they are both very tall, and immune to weight issues, it appears). This is rather aggravating. I’m told to relax because it’s the holidays. Since March I’ve lost 20 lbs (15 now that I’ve gained five back). The 20 lbs I lost was weight I gained during my first holiday season here, when I did relax and ate whatever found its way near my mouth. That was not a wise decision, and one I’m trying to avoid this year, though it’s an effort. I still have two holiday dinners to get through (one tonight), plus my mom’s irresistible peanut butter cookies with hershey kiss centers (quite possibly the greatest cookie ever!). Why don’t you show more self-restraint? you may wonder. Well, my approach to self-restraint may be a little different than most: I love ice cream, cookies, pizzas, etc. I exercise my self-restraint when I’m shopping at the store. I don’t buy foods I know I won’t stop eating. I don’t buy twinkies or cheeze-its or hershey kisses or peanut butter cups because I know I would inhale them all within days. So, I leave them at the store, which is easy for me to do. However, if these items find their way into my home, as they have during this holiday season, then I think to myself, Why not…it’s not like I eat peanut butter fudge every day. Then I proceed to eat 5 pieces of very rich peanut butter fudge. Maybe I’m a bit of a gorger in that way. I can stop eating the hershey kisses, but not until I’m satisfied by them, which usually means eating many more than is necessary.

Anyway, I have an appointment with a personal trainer the week after Christmas. Let’s hope I can control myself a little bit better until then.

Happy Holidays! (Happy eating!)


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