Bullet list of late night ramblings

•I’m organizing a master plan to develop my career.
•A friend who is helping me says I’ll be a future Koch sister, only not so crazy conservative (my words, not his).
•However, I don’t know the likeliness of that with the way I drink my money at Starbucks.
•I swear they must have some sort of addictive ingredient they add to their concoctions.
•I love my new business cards. They arrived yesterday. I’ve been handing them out to everyone…even those who know all about me and my business. I like the cards that much.
•I received a call yesterday regarding more work opportunities, which made my entire week.
•I’ll be tweaking my website soon to better reflect the services I’m offering.
•I’m working on a certificate in web authoring/digital communications, and over the summer I start a web design course.
•I’m hoping it will allow me to make my site a little flashier, a little more sophisticated.
•Right now it’s all scroll all the time.
•I’d like to add rotating pictures on the home page, so it’s not always the same image.
•I have to edit down some of the photos on the site.
•I have classes to teach over the summer, which is nice.
•In the fall I’m taking a video editing course. That will help a lot. I’m going to practice over the summer.
•There is an app design course, too. Will probably take that at some point.
•That’s my update for now.


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