It’s been so long

Amazing how time gets away.

At the end of this week, I celebrate my 40th birthday and I run the longest race I’ve tried so far–10 miles! I’m woefully underprepared. I had a pain in my hip that I finally got looked at back in October, and the doctor thought it could be a stress fracture. While waiting to get my MRI, she told me not to run. And it took several weeks to get the MRI and then another week for the results. Good news! No stress fracture. Just inflammation that I’m receiving physical therapy to deal with. I already see a difference in my hip–it is much better now post-run.

But all the waiting took a lot of time from my training. My last long race was in September when I ran a 15K. However, I ran only 7.5 miles of that and then had to do a walk/run for the last few miles. I’m going into Saturday’s race having run a maximum of five miles so far, and it’s ill-advised to try and push mileage too much before a race. So, I hope to do a run on Tuesday and Thursday, and then rest until Sunday (and celebrate my birthday!). On the day of the race, I’m going to have to do a walk/run combo if I plan on finishing it. And I’m okay with that. It will still be a personal record because I’ve never done it before.

The reason this race is so important to me is because this is the final race to complete the running club’s Triple Crown Challenge. Participants run in three races that get progressively longer, starting with the 10k over the summer–my first long race. I’ll be quite proud of myself to complete this third race and be part of the Triple Crown crew. Plus there is all sorts of great swag you get for finishing, including having the entry fee paid for the Presidential Half Marathon in April.  Woot!


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