Our finished masterpiece at the street painting festival. 

I spent the last few days in South Florida, luxuriating in the perfect weather, and having delightful and inspiring conversations with some incredible people.

This trip to Florida has become an annual event for me and my friend, Cyd, and I hope it will continue for as long as it can. We go in February to participate in the terrific Lake Worth Street Painting Festival, something we participated in when we were both living in the area.

What I tend to realize while I’m there is how much I miss these people I’m visiting. They are hard working, dedicated, talented, stylish, interesting, fun, and funny. They are easy to talk to and have thoughts and opinions about the world around them. They are passionate. I find that all my favorite people embody these traits. Their friendships bring me pure delight. I’m thankful for them (in Florida and beyond).

While there, I have pangs of wishing to return to Florida because of ALL THE THINGS there are to do. So many options! SO MANY! I didn’t appreciate it while I was there because I lived in it. Now, transplanted back to the midwest, I miss it something fierce.

But the other thing I realize while I’m there is how happy I am in my little nook of the world, with my hubby and my pups. Always looking for the next adventure (New England, maybe?), but enjoying ourselves in the meantime.


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