Update from a New Englander

I live in Massachusetts now! I can hardly believe it. It was only February when I was commiserating with friends about a work situation that infuriated me. I decided that weekend it was time to pursue new avenues. I had been keeping my eyes on new opportunities prior to then, but it was the work news I received that weekend, and the conversations that followed that really lit a fire under me.

And here I am, five months later in my new job, doing what I love, and living in a beautiful area, filled with cultural opportunities and close to big cities. And I finally helped my husband move back to his beloved New England. It’s been a remarkable first half of 2016.

I’m currently here alone; hubby and my pups are coming up at the end of summer. I miss them like crazy. We’re a bit nervous about selling our house in a timely manner. It would be painful to pay rent and a mortgage in Illinois. So send out good vibes to the housing gods!

The people I work with are fantastic. Talented, funning, interesting and focused on doing great work. The standards are high and I love it.

The landscape is breathtaking. I mean just stunning. Mountains everywhere. In every direction. I’ve learned one of the local mountains was inspiration for Herman Melville’s white whale–Melville had a view of it from his home in the area and when it was snow covered, it reminded him of a great white whale.

Of course, I have yet to be here during a winter, but I’m actually looking forward to it. I’m hoping to take up cross country skiing. A colleague I went to lunch with recently said the way to really embrace the winter here is to embrace all the winter sports, and that’s what I plan to do.



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