I often think about living life intentionally, and how to do that better. To not let time pass by unnoticed, but to be aware that, Hey, this could be my last day on earth. Would I do anything differently?

Of course this question has to be thought of in the realm of reality. If I knew I had only a week or so to live, of course I would cash in my 401k and hit the road, taking Spence and the dogs along for the ride. (I’d like to think that’s what I would do. But who knows?)

But our daily lives are made up of much smaller decisions and all these small decisions add up to the entirety of our lives. And it is within these smaller, quieter decisions that I try to live intentionally. Am I being as kind as I’d liked to be? Am I exploring as much as I wish to be? Am I meeting new people? Am I trying new things?  Beauty is everywhere. Interesting people doing cool things are everywhere.

Honestly, I’m happy to say the only thing I would change in my life is that I don’t travel abroad as much as I’d like. There are so many things I’d like to see. However, if that’s the only change I’d make, I’d say things are going well.  Seth Godin once said, “Instead of wondering when our next vacation is we should set up a life we don’t need to escape from.” I’m grateful to feel I’ve reached this point, especially with work. I look forward to going in.  That’s not to say I’m not looking forward to my next vacation and seeing my mom! I can’t wait! But it feels like one more perk on top of many. And for that, and so many other things, I’m grateful.


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