A new year

Happy New Year, friends!

Ours was subdued but enjoyable. At home, watched Ohio State get their clocks cleaned by Clemson. Once that game reached the point of no return, I turned to a book, hubby turned to a show, and we sat next to each other, drinking champagne. The dogs kept us company, too.

Today I woke up a bit blue. I can’t pinpoint the cause. I woke with a headache, likely due to the beer and champagne from last night. Aleve hasn’t done much to help. I got my nose pierced the Thursday before Christmas, and I’m dealing with a bump that’s started to rise around the top of the piercing. A part of the healing process, and it will likely go down soon, but I’m bummed that it’s there. My husband said it’s not really visible, but I think he’s legally obligated to say such things.

I had a great visit with my mom, brother, and stepdad and I’m sad I don’t know when I’ll see them next. Madre was feeling quite like herself when I left to return to Massachusetts, but on Christmas Day, three days after her chemo, she felt absolutely dreadful. Her tumor markers are going down with each chemo session, but she told me the side effects are lingering longer and longer, and on the third day, she feels like she would like to lie down, close her eyes, and not wake up because she feels so terrible. It’s those moments when she considers the necessity of all the treatments and whether she wants to keep going. By the fifth day, she’s pretty much back to herself, only to have to start the process again a few weeks later. This next session will be her fifth in this series. She gets a total of six sessions in each series, so we’re hoping she can take a few months off after the last session, particularly since her numbers are low, low, low. 

I don’t really set new year’s resolutions anymore because I’m a believer than you can change the path of your life any day of the year, but it’s always a good time to think about larger goals. I think the primary goal I want to work on is becoming a better cook. I’m always struggling with weight issues and I’m confident if I took control of the food I’m eating by cooking it myself, some of these struggles would ease. I’m reading a fascinating book on the ways sugar destroys your body overtime, and I know I eat too much sugar–both directly in the form of chocolate and such, and indirectly in the form of sugar added to processed foods. I also eat a lot of pasta/carbs, which turn into sugar once you’ve eaten them. So, my larger goal is to focus on cooking and to become decent at it. To enjoy the process of cooking and maybe make some good stuff.

I have my jar of Good Things from 2016 sitting next to me. Here are a few highlights:

1/10/16 Delicious lunch with Meagan/Holly/Spence/Anna

1/19/16 So grateful for another birthday for my mom and for the selfie she sent me and Gary.

4/2016 Ran a half marathon. What?!

5/15/16 Got my dream job!

6/2016 Said goodbye to Paul cat in June. So thankful for 17 years with him and for our last morning together.

6/28/16 Spent two weeks with madre while relocating to Massachusetts.

8/22/16 Cydney is first friend to visit! We go to Mt. Greylock!

9/5/16 Finally reunited with my baboo and puppers.

 Here’s hoping to more good meals, good conversations, and good trips in 2017.


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